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Who We Are

We are Civil/Construction Engineering and Information Technology professionals with a vision to implementing solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses at an affordable rate. Most solutions will be from open source and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Our aim is to bring technology to the common business man to drive its processes at an affordable rate while competing with large enterpreneurs that uses expensive solutions to achieve the same task.


Our solutions are based on industry wide tested products.


Building and Engineering Services

Because we are true builders, owners get more and better options. Faster and safer execution. And a clear cost/benefit solution that yields the best final cost, every time. Whatever the challenge, be rest assured that it will be built with excellence. All construction materials - blocks, concretes, pave stones etc are produced directly from our factory.


Information Technology

We implement and manage Information technology services in the areas of

 storing information, protecting information, processing the information, transmitting the information as necessary, and later retrieving information using the necessary tools. We focus on leveraging information Technology tools in ensuring organizational business goals are achieved. Various products and services are deployed during task implementations.



Training and Consultancy

Our Training programs ranges from Engineering, Technical and Management trainings. We also partner with leading industry experts both within and outside the shore of the country to deliver a more robust and practical training needs for corporate organisations. 


We also provide consultancy services (free to our existing clients) in various areas of Construction Engineering and Information Technology.


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